Large Format Porcelain Tiles: 10 Reasons to Consider Them

Large Format Porcelain Tiles: 10 Reasons to Consider Them

Large Format Porcelain Tiles: 10 Reasons to Consider Them

When it comes to selecting tiles, we often get confused- which one is the better, small or large format?

Porcelain tiles are the perfect choice to pave any surface, be it interior or exterior. No matter their size, small or large, they have an elegant and aesthetic appearance. And, large format porcelain tiles offer a series of advantages for all types of renovation or new construction work that grab everyone’s attention to your interior designs.

Large-format tiles give a feeling of continuity, which causes a smaller space to appear bigger. Likewise, discover more reasons to consider large format porcelain tiles.

What are Large Format Porcelain Tiles?

The definition of large format tiles is “any tile with at least one edge greater than 15 inches” and is also known as " slabs".

Large format tiles can be square, rectangular, or even circular and made of ceramic, porcelain, or stone.

Large-format porcelain slabs are rapidly gaining popularity among homeowners, constructors, and builders. Whether you want to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, large format porcelain tiles are the best choice for kitchen backsplash, shower surround, fireplace surround, or bathroom floor tile.

If you want to know more about large format porcelain tiles, read our blog post: An Ultimate Guide on Large-Format Porcelain Tiles.

Cover your space with a large porcelain slab.

Lioli Ceramica offers a wide range of porcelain slab collections, from glossy and modern to classy and rustic, in different sizes and patterns that give your space the desired look.

10 Reasons to Consider Large Format Porcelain Tiles for Your Home and Office

Perhaps you are wondering what’s so special about using large format porcelain slabs that sets them apart from others and have excellent use! There is more than one reason to consider them.

Let's see some benefits of using large format porcelain tile for your home or office space.

01. Modern and Aesthetic Appeal

The advantages of using large tiles mean fewer grout lines, forming a smooth and visually appealing surface. These large and elegant tiles give your space a more contemporary vibe.

  • Creating a modern and aesthetic look in a space with extensive large format tile options is becoming easier.

  • Due to the advanced digital printing technology in tile manufacturing, large format porcelain tiles resemble almost every material, such as natural stone, concrete, metal, wood, and even fabrics.

Tip: If you want an extra modern and aesthetic look, extend the same tiles from the floor to the wall.

02. Seamless Continuity

Large format porcelain tiles provide a visual break from the distracting grout lines, which create an illusion of extra space. Less visual interruption (fewer grout lines) between the tiles makes it easier to achieve seamless continuity in design.

Tip: We recommend filling the grout lines with a similar color tone that blends with the decor and creates a cohesive look.

A single large porcelain slab covers a large span of the floor, resulting in fewer grout lines and is visually appealing; due to the small format tile, the grout line is tripled and appears visually cluttered.

03. Easy Maintenance: Easy and Effective Cleaning

As we mentioned, large format tiles result in fewer grout lines, requiring less maintenance to keep your tiles neat and clean. If the tiles are porcelain, it provides the most effortless cleaning and lets you spend your time on the things you enjoy.

We all know that cleaning the grout area, on a wall or floor tile is always challenging. Places like the kitchen or bathroom are more likely to be stained or damp; you need to keep them clean.

Deep cleaning grout lines is always time-consuming, but not anymore with large format porcelain tiles. So say goodbye to this time-consuming activity and spend your time admiring the tiles.

Want to learn effective ways to clean grout lines? Read our blog post: How To Clean Grout: 7 Effective Ways To Renew Old Grout As New.

04. Durable and lightweight

Using advanced technology in the manufacturing process can make large format porcelain tiles rugged and durable. The composition makes the body denser than other tiles because they are stamped or pressed before firing.

So this makes them quite durable and available in larger sizes. Despite the higher density and large scale, porcelain tiles are much lighter in weight compared to other types of tiles.

05. Variety of Usage

Large surfaces give endless creative design options and offer multiple uses. Due to their large size, they can be easily cut into any shape and size.

Besides covering the floor or wall, the large format porcelain slab can be carved into a circle, square or rectangular tabletop, a kitchen counter, a shower surround and many more.

Customizing tiles results in versatile layout patterns and design ideas that can not be achieved by an ordinary tile.

06. Large Formats Tiles are in trend

If you like to be up to date and follow fashion, then you should use a large porcelain format. Recently, the most prominent interior design trend has shifted to clean and contemporary design.

The reason to consider large porcelain tiles is that they often come with great beauty and uniqueness and keep the space simple and uncluttered with a minimalistic touch.

07. Reduce Time to Installation/ Quick Installation

Another advantage of large format porcelain tiles is that they are easier to install compared to smaller tiles. A large floor area can be covered with a smaller number of sheets. Innovative installation methods and advanced tooling allow quick, easy, and simple tilling.

08. More Hygienic Options

Another reason to consider large format porcelain tiles is the hygienic option. As we know, our loved ones' or employees' health is important. Therefore, using large porcelain slabs benefits you by providing fewer grout areas and at the same time easy to clean.

The properties of porcelain tiles are resistant to moisture, stains, and scratches; the water absorption level is less than 0.5%, which prevents germs from growing.

09. Make small space appear large

You may have heard that “using large format tiles in a small space will make your room appear bigger."

Well, it's true.

Installing large format porcelain floor tiles horizontally creates the illusion of more spacious areas. Or, if you want to make your wall look bigger and more attractive, you can install large tiles vertically.

10. Cost-effective

Since porcelain tiles are easy to produce in large format sheets, they are cost-effective and the best choice for your home or office. Compared to natural stones, they are less expensive and also easier to install.

Final Thoughts:

Hope, now you must conceive of using large format porcelain tiles for your next project.

Let us briefly summarise the benefits of using large format tiles in your home or office space.

  • Aesthetically beautiful appearance with minimal grout

  • Increased suspicious space

  • Require less maintenance

  • Is hard, durable, and lightweight material

  • It works in almost any place and situation

  • They are non-porous and provide a more hygienic option

  • You can choose from a variety of natural finishes, patterns, designs, and sizes.

Now, what more do you need? The porcelain slabs are an excellent choice for your space!

Lioli Ceramica offers an extensive range of finishes with creative designs, great functionality, and different sizes for your home or office space. Check out our large-format porcelain slab collection ranges from modern themes to vintage desires.

Contact us today at +91 22 62807474 or email us at to explore our collection.

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